• Tech Rap: Streaming Presets

    Posted on April 07 2020

    By Peter Skiera With more folks staying at home due to the coronavirus, we at Como Audio thought you would appreciate an article detailing one of the features you might...

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  • Tech Rap: Feed Your Turntable

    Posted on March 17 2020

    By Peter Skiera   Thomas Edison was awarded US Patent # 200,521 for his Phonograph 142 years ago last month. Although Edison’s original Phonograph bears little resemblance to the turntables and record...

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  • Tech Rap: Exploring the Internet Radio Highway

    Posted on September 20 2019

    By Peter Skiera   The most popular source our models feature is Internet radio, yet many listeners are not aware of the wide variety of station content available to them,...

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  • Tech Rap: Vinyl Revisited, and The Como Audio Turntable

    Posted on August 05 2019

    By Peter Skiera   We recently received a very limited quantity of The Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable, our very first turntable. More on that later. In celebration of this exciting...

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  • Tech Rap: Kind of Blue(tooth)

    Posted on March 14 2019

    By Peter Skiera   For my Tech Rap subjects, I try to think of topics you might find interesting or helpful. I’m basing the topic for this month on Bluetooth...

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  • Tech Rap: Vive La Vinyl!

    Posted on October 11 2018

    By Peter Skiera It was a crisp, overcast, rainy morning in October; perfect conditions for Dinosaur hunting. I programmed the final destination into my Garmin GPS and embarked on the sixty-mile...

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  • Tech Rap: Tricking-out Your FM

    Posted on September 28 2018

     By Peter Skiera Radio holds a very special place in my heart. During my junior year in college I was a Jazz DJ on Emerson College station WERS-FM, one of...

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