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 Light years ahead of the competition!
By Amazon Customer, L. B. on November 4, 2016
Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

I can't stop talking about this new radio's capabilities, it has something for just about everyone. It is a rational combination of technology and versatility that will serve all ages and myriads of interests. There is no real competition with this radio on the market today. Glad we waited for this Internet radio!

You can still listen to the FM radio band if you lose WiFi. But, as long as you have WiFi, the world is at your fingertips. I don't want to spend the reader's time on each of this radio's features, because the videos produced by Como Audio already do a great job of that. But I do have a few impressions to share that may be useful to a prospective buyer.

I have enjoyed this radio so much it has been used in three rooms of the house already, but it is primarily our bedside radio. I see a portable Como Radio in the future, I want to take it with me on trips, family visits, etc.. It was pure joy to listen to a podcast from New Zealand about beekeeping while in my shop assembling beekeeping equipment!

Using your smartphone App to control the radio and search for, lets say, podcasts, has the feel of using a bona fide web browser. While the smartphone-Como radio software-Internet interface is a key to the door of the future, it is here now!

The genius of this radio:

- Elegance of a small package fits anywhere

- After initial (read easy) setup, you can have programming in a few seconds

- Great effort was spent on user based inputs (bluetooth, USB, input jacks)

- I love Podcasts and they are available on demand

- Controlling the radio via the excellent smartphone APP is easy (doesn't need line of sight)

- Online software upgrades are built into this platform, promising a flexible future for the system

- The sound is rich & clean with more than adequate volume in our 16' x 25' bedroom

- This Como Audio radio sounds as good as our Bose radios

    Points to consider in a future redesign:

    - The Volume, Menu and Source knobs are small and need to extend away from the display panel rim for better grip

    - This is a BIG DEAL for our fat & arthritic fingers! ;)

    - I'm shopping for longer potentiometer knobs on Amazon now

    - The remote cries for a button with direct access to the 'sleep' function

      Points to consider in a software upgrade:

      - The 'display off' function needs to work while radio is on, not just in standby

      -Display brightness needs a fourth, even dimmer, brightness level

        Sometimes you get what you pay for...I feel strongly this is one of those times. Buy with confidence, this unit is something that will be around for a long time and still be useful.


         Love love love it!
        By Amazon Customer on October 20, 2016
        Duetto - Color: Walnut Verified Purchase

        Love love love our new Duetto (Walnut)! It sounds amazing and is beautiful! Set up and connecting to our wifi & Bluetooth was quick and couldn't have been easier. The app is awesome-love that I can turn it on/off, choose source, volume and more using my iPhone as a remote. Currently enjoying Como Audio's Internet Radio preset mvyradio. We may need a few more (bedroom, guest room, screen porch..).


         Best small Big sound system I have ever owned
        By Kickstarter Backer, Samus on October 19, 2016
        Duetto - Color: Hickory

        Got this via Kickstarter campaign. Love the hickory, the beauty of the wood is well showcased by where they choose to place the gorgeous striations, which was on the top and front on my unit. It is baby-butt-smooth to the touch which is good in my book and comes with an open-ended cloth case (for dust? Or protection from dings while moving it?) I got it to fill a 28 by 8 ft room with sound in the future but have it temporarily stored in a wooden book shelf type thing which made it sound even more incredible. I thought my entire 7.1 stereo system was on when I first turned it on in that location. I am really enjoying the ease of use, no probs with setup or connecting to Bluetooth or using the android app. Love the ease of the presets. Takes me back to old style radios from days past the way the buttons are for the presets. Really enjoying the Internet radio from other countries, something I have never gotten into before. Love the option to hook it up to other speakers or an amp via line out or headphone jack. Pretty much love everything about it so far. This is top notch quality and they were quick to deliver. Don't forget to run the update option for latest programming. 


          Sounds great
        By Amazon Customer on October 18, 2016
        Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

        Just received my Solo yesterday. It was easy to set up and sounds great. Played same song on both the Solo and on my Bose SoundDock and the sounds from the Solo was much better. Even at low volume, I can hear the music clearly from anywhere in a U-shaped open plan room of over 1000 sf with a dividing full height wall - even if the Solo is placed at top end of the U.


         Excellent Product and a very Professional company
        By Amazon Customer, By nobokovon on October 17, 2016
        Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

        I just received this through Kickstarter and in my opinion, it's really the best product and company that's come out of Kickstarter (from the 34 I've backed thus far). I have a Como Audio Solo in Hickory and here are my initial observations:

        - The sound is absolutely clear with great bass and powerful without even maxing out the volume levels.

        - The Internet Radio reception is fantastic - you can listen to channels throughout the world.

          - The Android App's simple to use and once I can figure out how to add a channel as a favorite (in-app), my experience will be perfect.

          - The design is modern yet retro all at once and the grain in the wood is beautiful.

          - FM Radio reception is pretty good. But I imagine I'll be using internet radio more.

          - I've been able to use Spotify so far, but haven't had a chance to play with it thoroughly yet.

          - The Customer Service experience has been impeccable on Kickstarter: Clear communications and the timeline was met. The founder, Tom DeVesto was open to requests and very accommodating.

            I'm very pleased to have backed this Kickstarter and would be confident in purchasing a quality product with great sound and ease of use. I'll consider purchasing one for my parents for Christmas.


             Easy and great quality
            By Amazon Customer, Alain on October 15, 2016
            Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

            Received my Solo this past week. Was easy to setup and update. Easy to use. I compared the sound with my WiFi C Crane radio... Solo wins it by a large step! Love the iOS App.


             beautiful music
            By Kickstarter Backer, Cara on October 15, 2016
            Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

            I bought one in the kickstarter campaign. It arrived yesterday. The sound is gorgeous - rich and full, great clarity. beautiful. I love music in my home and this is giving me such beautiful music. Amazing sound from this small box (quite attractive, by the way). I'm ordering a second one today. Update 11/2/16 I am famously technophobic and expected to struggle through a learning curve. No struggles. It really is easy to use. And the app is a nice addition.


               Do not hesitate, great product!

            By Kickstarter Backer Lola on October 15, 2016

            Duetto - Color: Walnut

            Got this during Kickstarter launch. When my husband grinned and said he was familiar with Tom DeVesto and his work in the audio field I knew I found something good. I won't even try to get into a technical review. I just know that from classical cello work to rap with everything in between sounding amazing. The volume this unit puts out is impressive. Smooth sounds no matter what the genre coming from this. I mostly purchased it thinking it would be great for podcasts. I haven't listened to one yet! Music sounds too good! I could not WAIT to get this. I could not be happier! Love, love, love it! It was like christmas today, best gift to self ever.



            Do not hesitate, great product!
            By Kickstater Backer, Lola on October 15, 2016
            Duetto - Color: Walnut 

            Got this during Kickstarter launch. When my husband grinned and said he was familiar with Tom DeVesto and his work in the audio field I knew I found something good. I won't even try to get into a technical review. I just know that from classical cello work to rap with everything in between sounding amazing. The volume this unit puts out is impressive. Smooth sounds no matter what the genre coming from this. I mostly purchased it thinking it would be great for podcasts. I haven't listened to one yet! Music sounds too good! I could not WAIT to get this. I could not be happier! Love, love, love it! It was like christmas today, best gift to self ever.


             First Class!!!
            By Amazon Customer, BBL on October 14, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            Received my Solo a week ago, and was so impressed, decided I would write a review for the first time. The packaging was very neat and the radio is beautiful and very easy to set up. I have the Solo connected to my WIFI and it immediately started downloading software updates. On screen instructions were easy to follow. I picked quite a few Internet Radio Stations as my Favorites, and also plugged in a mini size flash drive with my own music to the back. I then connected the Solo to my TV with a digital optical audio cable. Tested playing music from various Internet Radio Stations, then my own music collection. Also played some movies on TV with the sound coming out of the Solo, and I was really impressed with the sound quality and how easy it is to operate. I can’t wait to receive my Amazon Echo Dot in a couple of weeks so that I can connect it to the Solo as well. Oh, by the way, the Como Control App for my iPhone is very useful and well designed too. Initially I was wondering if I should have ordered the Duetto instead. After consulting with Tom - the founder of Como Audio, he advised that for my 300 sq. feet studio apartment, the Solo is going to be just fine. And he was absolutely correct, you can max. out the volume to 32 point, but I find that in general, I only have the volume well below 10, and it is more than enough. Last but not least, the Sleep function and Dual Alarms are really handy.


             Nice clock radio with great sound
            By Kickstarter Backer on October 14, 2016
            Solo - Color: Piano Black

            Like many of the reviews here I backed this as part of their Kickstarter campaign. Setup was easy, although I suggest when putting it on your wifi network that you use the remote to enter the password. Using the know to scroll one letter at a time is painful. Great sound. While the antenna is odd, it really does help pull in distant FM stations, but some may not like the appearance. Software seems to work great. Setting up an online account (optional) to save favorite Internet radio stations is straight forward. Clock isn't too bright for bedside table (set to dim). The knobs are probably the worst thing about the unit, since they are inset if you have large hands/fingers they can be a little difficult. All in all I'm very happy with the device and it's so flexible I'm looking at adding either my Dot or Chromecast Audio device to it for extra flexibility. Only 2 alarms, but that's enough for me.


             this is a really good product, I ordered mine off of kickstarter.
            By Kickstarter Backer, Thomas on October 13, 2016
            Duetto Color: Walnut

            this is a really good product, i ordered mine off of kickstarter. The sound from the speakers are really good, you have internet radio or if you have pandora or spotify you can stream the music to the system.


             The unit has fantastic build quality and sound
            By Kickstarter Backer Andy on October 13, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            I backed this product via Kickstarter. I just got the Solo a few days ago. The unit has fantastic build quality and sound. The controls are well thought out but I especially like the remote...nice and simple while enabling access to most of the Solo's functions. Well done Como Audio!


             Wonderful device
            By Kickstarter Backer Alan on October 13, 2016
            Duetto - Color: Walnut

            I have owned several products designed by Tom DeVesto, and this one is the best yet. The sound is superb, and the reception of FM as well as the ability to connect to a wireless access point and as a result play Internet radio stations as well as music stored locally. It does NOT require using a browser to perform all functions, is intuitive, and well implemented, though you could download and use an app on your phone if you desire.


             This Music System is Elegant and Has Quality Audio Sound
            By Kickstarter Backer, Joseph on October 13, 2016
            Duetto - Color: Hickory

            I bought in on the Kickstarter and I am SO pleased that I did. This company delivered everything they promised with quality audio sound, elegant design and lots of features. I have not even downloaded the App as of yet because my Duetto arrived just prior to a long business trip. I did get to enjoy my duetto for 3 nights and can't wait to get home to use my Duetto more!


             Best sounding audio on the market!!
            By Amazon Customer, Lori on October 13, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            I recently received my Como Audio Solo and first off...right out of the box I was totally impressed at how the unit looked and it's handsome style. Secondly...this wonderful unit was so extremely easy to set up, even for someone like myself who's not too tech savvy!! And last but not least, the incredible clear, crisp sound that comes out of this unit is absolutely amazing!! I guarantee once you hear the huge sound and see the quality of this will not be disappointed!! Included is a picture of mine on display!!


            By Kickstarter Backer, Rahul on October 12, 2016
            Duetto - Color: Piano Black

            I backed this on Kickstarter. Firstly, this is a beautiful speaker. The quality of the construction is top notch and the audio quality is brilliant. The onboard software is great as well. Apart from a minor kerfuffle with the quickstart (setup) process, I am really impressed with the speaker and the audio quality. It has a USB port that can power a Google Chromecast Audio device. So in a way it's cast ready. Great support for Internet Radio and Podcasts. I almost wish the firmware was open source, as supporting the Cast protocol natively would make this speaker perfect. Highly recommend. A purchase you will not regret.


             Top notch
            By Kickstarter Backer, Michale on October 12, 2016
            Duetto - Color: Walnut

            I got mine through the Kickstarter campaign, not here. I love mine. I've had 5 bedside radios in the last 18 months or so because I haven't found one the met my expectations. This one does. Read the specs if you want to know what it does, there's no sense in me repeating it. The two things I can tell you is that is does all those things really well, and it sounds great. It's not cheap, but it is high quality and to me it's worth what I paid.I can see myself having/using this the rest of my life.



             Como Solo (and Duetto) another in a long line of quality sound, quality build, and quality user experience.
            By Kickstarter Backer, lowillon on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

            The Como Solo (and I'll extend this to the Duetto) are the rightful progression of audio excellence in smart, tight, function-based aesthetic design...a venture that I gladly joined back in the 70's with my Advent speakers and happily moved along with the classic Tivoli One (echoing the original KLH FM radio of the 60's.) Precision, ease of use, pleasing balance of set-it-and-forget-it & dig in deep if you want user interaction, quality sound and build...and a PROVEN history of producing and delivering quality products that last and stand the test of time...this is Como. I would have liked Apple to have played nice with Tom's team to embrace them and see Apple AirPlay...just because this would make it just that much easier for our Mac household. I got suckered by Chestnut Hill's "George" that had nice sound, but an unwieldy footprint and well as a company that never delivered on its 'path forward.' Never again. In Tom I Trust. He and his teams have never disappointed and every single product with which he has been involved that I own (and I own several) STILL performs flawlessly after decades of use and multiple moves.

            I was a KickStarter backer of the Hickory Solo. I love it. I listen to a lot of audiocasts directly or through bluetooth and now mostly get my radio feeds via the Internets. BUT, I LOVE the FM and the thoughtful array of input options. The sound is great cranked and at low volume. I'd prefer a small headphone jack either in the front display panel or off the the side front of the cabinet for easier private listening. The thing about being a KickStarter backer is you get in on the ground floor of something exciting and sometimes quite extraordinary. The Como Audio products are just that. I expect small tweaks and gentle improvements will follow, and all will maintain a long, tried and true legacy of delivery quality product designed to deliver quality sound. Consider me delighted.


             Five Stars
            By Kickstarter Backer, Nina on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            Back this on Kickstarter. By far the nicest radio I've ever had.


             Great product
            By Kickstarter Backer, Norma on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

            I bought a duetto on Kickstart. It looks great, sounds great, was easy to set up. Everything feels well made and solid. Just great.


             Backed this project on Kickstarter and glad I did
            By Kickstarter Backer, Mark on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            Backed this project on Kickstarter and glad I did. I now regret that I didn't order two of them, Easy to set-up, great sound and simple. I can listen to online radio stations with a touch of a button, no hassle. Highly recommended. Will have to save my pennies to buy the Duetto!


             Fantastic device!  I just received my Solo in Hickory…
            By Kickstarter Backe, Whelan on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

            Fantastic device! I just received my Solo in Hickory last week and have used it everyday since. Sounds great, looks great all for a reasonable price. Will most likely get another soon.


             Love it, thanks Kickstarter!
            By Kickstarter Backer, Arie on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Hickory/Black

            I got two during the Kickstarter campaign - one hickory, one walnut - and I love them. Beautiful, simple, and everything that was promised.


            Make your Dot Pop
            By Kickstarter Backer Gobears85 on October 11, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            I received mine a week ago and I love the ease of use and the great sound quality. It even makes my Amazon dot sound good.


            Great sound, little package, feature rich.
            By Kickstarter Backer M.R. on October 11, 2016
            Duetto - Color: Walnut

            I got mine from the original Kickstarter campaign. The set-up was a bit clunky, and I still can't get the app to sync with the Duetto, but I was able to use the onboard interface to configure it. I am surprised by the amount of sound this little guy can put out. It gets quite loud without losing the quality of the audio. It should be noted that I'm no audiophile, but this is the best stereo (can it even be called a stereo?) I've ever owned. I would highly recommend it. So far, I've set-up FM radio stations, internet radio station, podcasts, and BlueTooth streaming from my phone. I'm not a Spotify listener, so I haven't tried that feature yet.


             Como Audio Solo looks great, sounds event better!
            By Amazon Customer, DocfromMA on October 5, 2016
            Solo - Color: Walnut/Black

            Just received my Solo, right on time! Easy to set up and it sounds AMAZING. Hard to believe the quality and volume of the sound that comes from such a small box. I've tried listening to jazz, bluegrass, pop, classical, rock and country FM and web stations as well as Spotify, and sometimes it's hard to believe that the musicians aren't right there in the room. Like the look a lot too-- the walnut cabinet is simple and elegant, and the front panel shows either a simple "analog" clock (OK, it's a digital image of an analog clock) or logo, or the station and/or song you're listening to (very useful). Knobs and preset buttons have a quality, solid feel and are very simple to use.